DNA reveals early Briton has dark skin, blue eyes!

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LONDON, ENGLAND — It’s Black History Month here in the U.S., but it looks like our mates over in the UK might be learning how “Black” their history is too!

After 10000 years of digging for the truth, it turns out one of the first modern settlers of Britain had: blue eyes, long hair and dark-skin.

Researchers from London’s Natural History Museum says they came up with this sculpture after a full DNA study of Britain’s oldest skeletal remains who they call “Cheddar Man.”

His skeleton was reportedly found in a cave in somerset a century ago.

But we can bet ALL our chedda this discovery probably comes as a surprise for most people who might’ve thought the first Brits were actually white.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time people made that kind of mistake. This week, The Today Show unveiled a newly completed bust of Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti.

Well, we’ll be here all day if we listed the misrepresentations of many people — including Jesus himself!

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