Disease-Free Dating: New STD Tracking App

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DALLAS -- Here's a question for all you love birds, just in time for Valentine's Day -- if you could, would you want to know if your partner was STD free?

Yeah, we know that question is sure to get you in the mood.

"It's sort of a double-edged sword because that's kind of an invasion of privacy. Then again, it's out of courtesy to know that you're safe."

Ok, so they say love is blind. But one site is out to open your eyes when it comes to protecting your heart and your body.

Now introducing MateSafe -- a website out to prove you're disease and drug-free.

"MateSafe is a medically verified process which we allow the user to be a part of the service," Dr. Jeff Collier with MateSafe said. "They buy a test, we send them to a lab, the lab sends us back the results."

Get this, the site says you can take those results and post them online or just carry the results in a handy-dandy app. Yeah, because nothing screams romance more than an app affirming that you're clean.

Hey, this isn't the only site of its kind out there. But CEO Jeff Collier says it's just added protection.

"You have no idea about somebody's past, and if somebody can tell you they're disease-free - we allow them to prove it," Dr. Coller explained. "You don't want to walk down the aisle, and come to find out, your partner has HIV or Herpes, or something you didn't intend on acquiring."

Remember friends, you don't want to catch anything you can't throwback. Happy dating!

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