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DALLAS — For teens headed back to one Dallas school, homework is not their biggest concern.

“The South Oak Cliff parent coalition and Dallas South West Coalition for better public schools would like to address the ongoing issue of lead and other contaminants found in the drinking water at South Oak Cliff High,” NAACP member Arthur Fleming said.

A recent test of  the drinking water at South Oak Cliff high found small amounts of lead.

“The community is asking for a new school,” Rev. Maxie Johnson with South Oak Cliff Parent Coalition said Tuesday. “We are asking for these problems to be fixed. Our children should not have to drink contaminants found in the water.”

“Basically, what we’ve seen, two rounds of testing here and the water is safe. No problem,” Kim McGraw with EFI Global Inc. said.

Folks who tested the water say the small amounts of contaminants are well within the EPA  guidelines.

“You’re never going to get to a zero level. Even if you buy bottled water, there is going to be some level of contaminant in there,” said McGraw

That claim was met with skepticism.

”To tell parents that the water is okay, and it’s not their kids is kind of like Flint Michigan,” Arthur Flemming said. “They told those folks to keep drinking the water also.”

“When we look at what’s happing at a national level, there is that High sense of urgency and high sense of scrutiny of the water that’s within our school systems and in our cities,” Nakia Douglas,  Executive Director of South Oak Cliff Feeder Pattern, said. “So I would say it is our season, there will be others that have the issues that they will have to address.”

Just like in Fort Worth I.S.D, where tests found some lead levels above the EPA levels. They’re already cleaning things up.

But in Oak Cliff, parents and community members say they won’t be happy until they get a whole new school.