Disabled Woman Fights Apt Complex to Fix Problems

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Dallas, TX- Aspen Chase doesn’t look like a shabby apartment complex.

According to an Aspen Chase advertisement, the complex has a “management team that cares about the way you live.”

Tenant Annie Youtcham disagrees. “They don’t care about nobody,” she said, crying.  She says she’s locked into a lease and fed up.

“I’ve been begging them to come fix the sink, they so mean down there, they told me to put a pot under it,” she said.  “My nurses couldn’t find me because the door didn’t have any numbers on it.  They came and wrote it with a black marker,” she added.

Her toilet seat and safety rail broke, which sent her back to the hospital for surgery. She says the last straw was when maintenance put in a fridge rack she’d been waiting on for months.

“The rack was covered with maggots.  Dried and dead maggots. I haven’t been able to eat anything but toast because every time I go in the kitchen, I get sick,” Youtcham said between tears.

“Everytime I come, her blood pressure’s high. Her sugar’s high,” her aide, Jackie Range said.   “She’s always crying and, to me, what can she do?”

Youtcham, who survives on her disability check, says she’s reached out to different agencies and the leasing office.  She’s tired of waiting, and asked NewsFix to help her out.

After our story aired, the United Apartment Group Management responded. The regional manager told NewsFix she vows to fix the problems plaguing Youtcham’s apartment.

“I worked as a nurse for 31-years, taking care of people’s families,” Youtcham recalled.  “If [the complex doesn’t] want to take care of me, then I don’t want to be here.”

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