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GARLAND — When Army Specialist Leo Perez was deployed to Afghanistan, it was supposed to be the start of a career, a way to provide for his family while serving his country. Six years later, Perez suffered an injury that cut that career short, and left him disabled.

Unable to work a full-time job, he was forced to retire last summer.

For almost a year, he and his wife Kimberly, along with their two young kids, have been moving from one motel to another.  Without a paycheck, a home of their own wasn’t an option.

But on Friday, all that changed.

A community in Garland welcomed the Perez family, presenting them with a newly-renovated house.  It’s been provided mortgage-free by Bank of America, Green Extreme Homes, and the City of Garland.

Perez says the greatest gift is stability, so he can continue his recovery, and his kids can finally have a place to call home.