Dirty Skies: Study Determines Dirtiest Areas of Airplane

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NATIONWIDE - Floating thousands of feet in the air can already be an intimidating prospect for some travelers. Thinking about all the germs that are floating around in the cabin can be just as scary. But what exactly are the dirtiest things on an airplane?

If you're going by "colony forming units" or CFUs, which measures the amount of bacteria per square inch, you might be surprised.

Bathroom stall locks were the least germ infested on the list scoring a measly 70 CFUs. The inside of the stall wasn`t as promising with flush buttons containing 265 CFUs.

Unfortunately the closer you get to your seat, the dirtier it gets. Seat belt buckles averaged 230 CFUs while overhead vents had 285 CFUs.

The cesspool of the airplane? Your tray table with an average of 2,155 CFUs. You're pretty much guaranteed to come in contact with bacteria when using it.

As for the airport itself, you might want to buy a water bottle since drinking fountains came in second on the list with 1,240 CFUs.

The positive takeaway from the report, according to Travelmath.com, the company that conducted the study, is that samples from all airports and planes were negative for fecal bacteria. So don't worry, you can avoid the hazmat suit next time you take flight.

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