Dirty Politics? Two cheating scandals

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO– It’s no secret that politics can get dirty and Missouri’s Governor Eric Greitens’ scandalous situation is a prime example.

Not only was he caught cheating on his wife but now he’s been indicted for allegedly blackmailing his mistress to keep things on the low.

Last month reports claimed Greitens had an affair with a woman in 2015. When the two allegedly ended their relationship the governor reportedly took a nude picture of the woman without her knowledge then saved it to a computer of “later use.”

Governor Greitens has admitted to the affair but denies the blackmail allegations. Cheating is one thing but apparently his actions after landed him with an invasion of privacy charge.

A similar scandal is also blowing up in Nashville, Tennessee. This time it’s involving Mayor Megan Barry who also admitted to having an affair with her former bodyguard Sgt. Rob Forrest.

It turns out, after an investigation into their relationship nude photos of Barry were allegedly found on Forrest’s work phone.

“I’m furious as you might imagine today when I learned that there might be photos of me,” Barry explained. If they exist, they were taken without my knowledge, they were taken without my permission and they were taken without my consent.”

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