Dirk Nowitzski reaches 30,000 career points!

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30K Shirts will be given out to fans at the game Tuesday night, in anticipation of Dirk scoring his 30,000th point.

UPDATE: Early in the second quarter against the Lakers Monday night, Dirk Nowitzki reached the 30,000 point milestone of his career!

DALLAS — The Mavs are prepping for their game against the Lakers tonight, but there’s lot more on the line than a win.

Dirk Nowitzki is a mere 20 points away from hitting 30,000 career points, a feat only accomplished by 6 other basketball players.

So yeah, by late this evening Dirk may have joined the legendary club with Kareem, Malone, Kobe, MJ, Wilt and Dr. J. Not a bad list.

Of course, you don’t score 30 Grand overnight. Dirk’s first point came in February 1999, up in Seattle against the SuperSonics, 9 years before they moved to OKC.

Mavs newcomer Nerlens Noel was just 4 years old when #41 was knocking down his first buckets.

“I think it’s something special that potentially could be celebrated tonight, get his mid-range going, get a few threes and hopefully he reaches 20,” Noel said of the record. “So I think that’ll be a special moment.”

Just another special moment to cap off eighteen years of special moments, but of course, Dallas is also focused on getting the ‘W’ against LA tonight to keep their drive to the playoffs going. And Coach Carlisle had a clear answer on whether he thought Dirk’s chase for 30K might be a distraction.

“No,” said Carlisle succinctly. “Not at all.”

Well whether Dirk hits the mark tonight, Friday or Saturday, he’s almost guaranteed to do it at the AAC, underneath the rafters where one day his jersey number will hang forever.

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