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DALLAS — Le Dîner en Blanc. The top-secret gathering of thousands dressed in all white returned to Dallas Friday night with a bang!

What started in France as a personal gathering of Francois Pasquier nearly 30 years ago has expanded to 60 cities worldwide.

“This event brings together people of all races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds.If you look around, we have an amazing cultural diversity here tonight. And the only reason for gathering is to just come together as a city,” explained co-host Karen Raehpour.

The event, held at Dallas City Hall, began with bus pickups around the city — with more than 2,000 of your closest friends all dressed in white from head to toe.

“I brought tables, chairs, I brought decor, I brought food, I brought fruits, I brought desserts, salmon and shrimp. I brought wine, lots of wine,” says Nichole Evans. “It’s this big secret, you don’t know where the actual event is going to be until you step off the bus. It’s very exciting, and I would definitely go again and again — no matter what the process is.”

Bubbly isn’t the only thing Dîner en Blanc is known for. Check out the fashion! From jumpsuits to long laced elegance, this community style picnic had it all.

“I think this it’s a great opportunity for guys to just hang out, change their flavor. When you’re forced to dress in white, you have to get creative because a lot of guys don’t have white in their outfits,” said attendee Jackson.

“I love costumes. I just always want to be somebody else,” attendee Sai Sankoh told NewsFix. “Last year, I won best dressed. And this year, I wanted a fabulous feather outfit,so I had this custom made in Thailand, along with the headpiece.”

Whether it’s the dressing up in all white that gets you excited and being able to publicly pop bottles, or that somehow thousands of people are able to keep one big secret, it’s a cultural phenomenon that we hope never go out of style!