Digging Dogs: Search For Christina Morris Takes New Turn

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PLANO-The search for Christina Morris continues as we hit the three month mark since her disappearance.

She was last seen leaving the Shops at Legacy in Plano with Enrique Arochi.

But with no real leads to lean on, the question remains, where is Christina?

This week the search intensifies as a team of K-9’s joins in the hunt for Christina. They say her family reached out in hopes that these cadaver dogs will find her.

“Currently we have four certified dogs, one is about to retire, we have three dogs currently in training,” said Rob Kirk, K-9 handler for Mark9 Search and Rescue.

“Dogs can cover as much ground as 40 people and they can cover a much wider area ground,” said Jerry Seever, K-9 handler for Mark9 Search and Rescue.

Mark9 Search and Rescue is always on call, available 24/7/365, this volunteer group trains these air scent dogs to track human scents.

“We’ve been on searches where the police department told us in the area there were wild boars, gators, quicksand and open strip mines,” said Kirk.

Seems like these guys will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and for now the Morris family is hoping this four-legged search team and their handlers will help them find closure.

“There are still some options out there, it would be nice just to close the story for the family, that’s our goal right now,” said Seevers.

This isn’t the type of search Christina’s family was hoping for, but it could be the break they so desperately need.

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