Diddy’s solution to the NFL kneeling controversy? He’ll buy the league!

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With all the NFL controversy over players standing or kneeling during the National Anthem, one celebrity has a solution no one has thought of yet… buy the league!

Sean “Diddy” Combs used Twitter to express his thoughts about the league and how it’s affecting black players who want to use their platform freely to express their stances.

NFL owners, like Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones, have told their players if they don’t stand during the National Anthem, they won’t play, giving players a tough decision whether to kneel or stand.

Diddy wants to fix this issue by buying the league so players can to what they want.

But his solution is pretty much not going to happen. There are 31 team owners and a publicly owned, nonprofit team that probably won’t all sell to him.

According to Forbes, Diddy’s network is $820 million, and all the the NFL teams total at nearly $75 billion. That makes him quite short of his goal.

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