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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- Essential oils are a great resource to calm and soothe yourself, especially during these times.

Valencia McClure, founder of Artistry of Essential Oils and certified aroma therapist, gives some insight on the usage and benefits of essential oils.

“Essential oils are highly concentrated airmatic extracts that are distilled or cold pressed from plant materials. So because they are so powerful, small but powerful, they go directly into our bloodstream and they travel into the area in our brain that triggers our sense of smell which then triggers our emotions, and that’s why you have that immediate impact when it comes to relaxation, calming, easing anxiety, helping with depression…” Valencia explains.

Due to the strong and powerful nature of the oils, it is important to dilute them with a carrier oil. The carrier oil is essentially a vegetable oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. When diffusing the oils, make sure that you are diffusing in a well ventilated space to allow for circulation.

Diffusion should be done intermittently, 20 to 30 minutes diffused, pause 20 minutes and then continue diffusing.

When it comes to having these oils around children, winter green is an oil that you would want to keep away from your children, due to its strong nature.

Citrus oils such as lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit, are good to use around children and even dogs.

When buying pure essential oils, it is important to pay attention to pricing in regard to the value of the specific oil. The latin binomial name should be listed with the natural oil name as well. Check the labeling that all ingredients are listed to confirm the quality of the oil.

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