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FORT WORTH (KDAF) — We’re at the Isis Theater right here in Fort Worth, and this is the home for everything entertainment. But behind the beautiful exterior of this theater is a rich history filled with many highs and lows.

It all dates back to the early 1910s. The Isis Theater opened its doors in Fort Worth in 1914. The theater, designed by Louis B. Weinman, had 400 seats, one screen, a pharmacy and 12 rooms upstairs.

After a more than 20-year run, the theater experienced a tragedy. A projection booth fire laid claim to the theater. Just one year later, after reconstruction, the theater reopened and was enlarged from 400 to 1,000 seats.

Upon the appearance of the multiplex, the Isis Theater closed its single-screened doors in 1988.

“It’s a historic landmark in the city of Fort Worth. I used to drive by this building all the time, and it had been left to its own demise from 1988 forward,” Jeffery Smith, owner and operator of Downtown Cowtown at the Isis, said. “I’m very much a theater advocate and the fact that it hadn’t been taken care of it just hurt my heart so much.”

So, he decided to buy the theater in 2017 and return it back to its old glory. The doors to Downtown Cowtown at the Isis opened in 2021.

Fun on the Run Host Yolonda Williams took a tour of the theater. Watch the video player for a full walkthrough of the theater.

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