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DALLAS (KDAF) — Everybody put away your smartphone. We’ve got some trivia experts that’ll make you smarter.

They call the show Master Minds, the ultimate battle of knowledge. They’re back for a new season on the Game Show Network.

Host Brooke Burns and Mark Labbett, aka “The Beast”, joined Fun on the Run to talk about what audiences can expect from this new season.

What has it meant to the both of you to move to this show Master Minds?

“I’ve been a professional Quizzer now in three countries. I’ll admit, it’s the job satisfaction, part of the price of being one of the best if you’ve got to prove it, I kind of like taking on people who think they’re pretty good, and pointing out that they’re not.” – Mark Labbett

Brooke, you’ve been hosting for a while now. Can you tell me what your IQ was when you started hosting game shows and what it is now?

“I haven’t had it tested, but I can tell you, I’m just above Mark “The Beast” Labbett. This is the third season. Mark is new to us this year, and I will say that it has been a true joy having him on set with us. We’ve worked together on The Chase and had a wonderful time. I love working with all of the masterminds obviously. But Mark and I have a special rapport. That really comes across on camera. The trick of good TV is always that if you’re having fun, the audience is having fun. That’s definitely something that just comes easily to Mark and I when we work together. So I feel very fortunate to have him on the show.” – Brooke Burns

Mark, when you realized your mind wasn’t like most people’s, was there a point when you thought that you were smarter than everybody?

My IQ is 151, and I’m really good with math skills. You just assume everybody else has it. I got into trouble at high school because people were revising for exams, and I genuinely was saying, ‘Why? Because it went in the first time.’ You don’t realize it’s something special.– Mark Labbett

Once he sees something or reads something, he just retains it. As he’s saying, I mean, he’s told me this, he just he didn’t even realize that that was unusual. Like, wouldn’t that be nice?” – Brooke Burns

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