DALLAS (KDAF) — Whether you’re a saint, a sinner or a bit of both, The Saint in Dallas has all the makings for a classy carnivorous date night.

Chef Williamson makes about 10 compound butters to beautifully top any steak

“We’re specializing in house-made pastas and sourcing ingredients form local farms all throughout Central and North Texas – especially some of our wagyu beef that we’re getting from all sorts of small ranches,” Andy Hooper, Co-Owner of The Saint. “We do a great bone marrow here. We take the bones, make them into a butter, we melt the bone butter on top of the fries. We can put it on anything.”

Their pasta selection is equally impressive.

“We do an amazing brisket and foie gras ravioli, which is our signature pasta. It’s topped with a dried cherry reduction,” Hooper said.

The Saint not only has the carnivores covered – their kitchen, led by Culinary Director Jacob Williamson, offers vegan options as well.

Check out their full menu and learn how to make a reservation here.