DALLAS (KDAF) — Elite Society is a suspense thriller regarding the symbolism of what it means to be a “token” and the relation to how it is defined in the black community. 

Writer and producer Gina Nacole and director Arthur Muhammad stopped by Fun on the Run to talk about the new film.

Elite Society is about a black upper-middle-class family that enforces their conservative ideology onto their neighborhood in efforts to maintain their home value, as recent crime enters the neighborhood.

The secret society feels as though anyone who does not support their ideology for a more “perfect” race is against them and must be dealt with. The “token” society has passed down their power through generations, regardless of how harsh their struggle was. 

“The ideas came from several different things,” Nacole said. “Such as the socioeconomic things that are happening right now, especially in the mortgage industry. I wanted to see if what it would look like if a conservative family overtook a neighborhood…basically a caste system in a traditional vs. liberal environment.”

Muhammad mentioned the importance of creating and filming movies right here in Dallas/Fort Worth, with homegrown actors, to produce high quality content outside of Hollywood.

“If we don’t do it, we can’t expect for Hollywood to come do it,” Muhammad said. “We try to do it, but do it in a way where when they see our films, they’re like, y’all did that in Dallas?”