DALLAS (KDAF) — Did you know that Plexaderm, a skincare serum, can help reduce under-eye bags and wrinkles within minutes?

Melinda McKinsey, lifestyle contributor, chatted with Yolonda Williams about the benefits of using Plexaderm.

“What we like to show are every day people,” McKinsey said. “We don’t have models come in, we have every day people come in and what we’re showing are different areas of the face that you can use Plexaderm — whether it’s the forehead lines, underneath the eyes, around the mouth lines.”

Plexaderm isn’t just for women — men can use it, too. All you have to do is apply it on clean, dry skin, let it set for ten minutes, and you have ten hours of usage with smoother skin.

Check out the before and after photos in the segment above to see the real difference!

You can try Plexaderm for just $14.95 by visiting PlexadermTrial.com.