DALLAS (KDAF) — When September rolls around, ain’t nothing I’d rather do than hang out with the world’s tallest cowboy.

I’ve been coming to the State Fair of Texas since I was a kid, and my excitement hasn’t faded. I remember very clearly being dressed in a light blue Italian knit jumpsuit trimmed in navy piping the first time I went to the Fair. Needless to say after one ride, and being over dressed, I couldn’t handle the heat, so my dad gave away our tickets and we headed to the house.

Fast forward, my visit to the State Fair of Texas is a little bit more planned out these days. Stephanie Mendez and I got the VIP treatment, and our first stop is at Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que & Home Cooking.

Brothers, Brent & Juan Reaves, have been keeping the tradition alive of Texas BBQ, when their late father passed the baton to them a few years back. They have expanded their business beyond the grill to being household names on A&E’s Deep Fried Dynasty. We got a chance to try some of their new southern favorites, created just for the fair.

These two guys are always coming up with something, so it didn’t shock me when they announced the Honey Butter Biscuit Roll. We’re talking about croissant dough with chopped brisket on top. I didn’t know whether to use a fork or not, so I decided not to be “bougie” and and use my fingers. The whole sweet and savory thing is the real MVP here.

Then I tried the fried Reese’s & Ice Cream. Juan said, “Our first year we sold about 5,000 of these, now for every fair we make about 20,000 of these.” So, hanging out at the Midway, I need to refresh myself. Juan suggested their new drink, the Trail-Ade served in a classic cowboy boot. I tried to guess what the recipe was, and boy was I wrong. This “boot-sippin-good” drink consists of raspberry, peaches, mango, fresh mint, dark cherries, and cucumber.

After that fix, I waddled across the food court to Sandoitchi and they specialize in Japanese treats. Nupohn Inthanousay was ready for me to try my first Deep Fried Mochi Ice Cream Ball. Talk about contrasting textures and temperatures! So good cold creamy ice cream core and panko on the outside. You know I had to try the Chicken Katsu Sandwich with a special mayo and cabbage. Who knew cabbage would be one of my favorites?

I’ll definitely be back to try some other items from their menu.

Learn more about Sandoitchi or Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que and Home Cooking.