DALLAS (KDAF) — Chancler Haynes has an impressive track record when it comes to working with big name artists.

As a film editor, Haynes has worked with top artists like Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Meghan Trainer, and the Jonas Brothers — but he recently won an MTV Music Video Award for his outstanding cinematic efforts for the Anti-Hero music video by none other than Taylor Swift.

Haynes is originally from Dallas — and a Lincoln High School alum — but now lives in Los Angeles. He called into Fun on the Run to chat with Yolonda Williams about his journey in the music industry.

“At Lincoln, they were one of the only schools that I knew of that had film editing and video editing equipment,” Haynes said. “Prior to going to Lincoln, I was just shooting my own little VHS home movies, and editing two VCRs hooked up together. Dr. White at Lincoln showed me how to actually edit from tape to tape…it opened up a whole new world of possibilities.”

After graduating Lincoln, Haynes attended Full Sail University in Florida to study film. But he didn’t find a way into the film or music industry right away — though he eventually became internet friends with film director Joseph Kahn, who also has an extensive track record of working with top talent in music. From Eminem to U2 to Britney Spears, Kahn has directed some iconic music videos. It’s through this connection that Haynes eventually meets and works with Taylor Swift.

Their most recent collaboration was Swift’s Anti-Hero music video, which premiered in October 2022 and has since garnered almost 170 million views on YouTube. The music video won big at the MTV VMA Awards, winning best music video, best cinematography, best visual effects, and best directing.

“I was just very appreciative that she showed love to her crew,” Haynes said. “She’s a true collaborator, a true storyteller, a filmmaker, and she appreciates the crew that helps her tell her stories. It was a lot of fun to be recognized.”