DALLAS (KDAF) — For 100 years, Goodwill Dallas has been changing lives in our community – one job at a time. So when I got an invite from them to visit The Goodwill Store, I said a big ol’ yes! One of my favorite things to do is thrifting, and there’s no better feeling than being creative and saving money all at the same time.

Goodwill Dallas is all about helping people by building professional skills, find jobs, through their donated goods business, and individuals can not only develop skills for jobs, but are also provided opportunities to become part of the workforce.

The Westmoreland location is a treasure trove of items from your childhood, to the latest fashion trends. So much so, when thumbing through the rolling racks in the store, I kept saying out loud “I can’t believe this is here!”

After filling my basket full, I sat down with Dominik Peyton, who is the Director of Strategic Initiatives, aka known as the Halloween Costume Guru, to find out what’s so exciting about Goodwill this time of year? Peyton replied, “People forget we have Halloween costumes, we get a plethora of donations donated to us, unique items that people forget that you can actually create costumes with. We like to focus on trendy costumes, so the number one trendy costume is a witch.

She couldn’t wait to create a few Halloween looks for me.

First up was a mad hatter look with a top hat, paired with striped pants, a feather boa and top coat. Look two was a utility jumpsuit I snagged, that could double as a plumber’s uniform, and a I topped it with a throwback blazer from the 70’s and I’m your building’s superintendent! Last look of the day is Cruella Dev-Il’s first cousin, Yolonda Coupe De-vil. So we put this wo toned black and white jacket with a pair of black blouson pants. Goes to show you that if you look hard enough with a little patience you can just about find what you need.

Get tips and ideas here or visit your neighborhood Goodwill for inspiration or ask our staff for help.