DALLAS (KDAF) — Flamenco Black showcases the Afro-Andalusion roots and Black history of flamenco dancing.

Delilah Buitron Arrebola, artistic director of the Flame Foundation and Flamenco Black, said she was inspired to create the dance program after her son asked why there weren’t any Black flamenco dancers. From there, she researched and investigated, thanks to the Dallas Office of Arts and Culture, and decided there was a need for a community of Black flamenco dancers.

“There are books, there are documentaries, but nothing live,” Buitron Arrebola said. “There are Black dancers that dance flamenco, but they’re scattered all over the world. We didn’t have a community of flamenco Black dancers.”

Flamenco Black performed at the Latino Culture Center on Sept. 8 and 9, featuring performances by international and local flamenco artists and musicians.