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DALLAS (KDAF) — Where are our Dallas Mavs fans for life?

After 42 years of Dallas Mavericks basketball, fans in the organization have a whole lot to be proud of. Did you know you can see the team’s entire history, right at the State Fair of Texas?

“This is the greatest exhibit I have seen, and I’ve been a part of the Mavs organization for 21 years now. This exhibit is amazing, and it will take you on a journey of all 42 years of Mavs history,” ‘Big Rob’ Maiden, captain of the Mavs Maniacs, said.

The Mavs Vault is something to bestow your eyes upon. Featuring an actual vault door, the Mavs Vault takes you from the start of the team back in the 80s to the modern day.

“We have nine niches representing different things. And you’ll get to see everything from the origins where we started from the 80s through the 90s. Through the dark years, the 2000s.
Not only do you go back to 1980, when the franchise was first founded with Don Carter, but you see some of the greatest moments of this franchise and it takes you all the way to now would look daunting,” Chris Arnold, Mavs emcee, said.

And what better team for a history lesson than the Mavs? It’s the classic underdog story, a team from humble beginnings becoming one the greatest in the league.

“In the 1990s, the Dallas Mavericks were arguably the worst professional sports team in all of sports in America. They could not win. They had seasons where they won 11 games, 13 games, and they could not get over the hump. Mark Cuban buys the franchise. They keep Don Nelson as the head coach. They have Dirk, they have Nash, they have Finley and they started building. To win a championship here; to have Dirk be the most beloved athlete in the NBA, that’s credibility that the NBA is in Texas.”

To find out more about the Mavs Vault, take a tour yourself at the State Fair of Texas. You have until Oct. 23!