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DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone can find common ground when it comes to adorable puppies and in the new year, some of you might be taking on the challenge of raising your puppy, but we want to make sure you have an idea of what to do to ensure your life doesn’t turn into chaos.

We caught up with DogFit Dallas to learn more about the best practices for owning a new puppy. Owner and Head Trainer Art Ortiz walked us through the basics of getting your puppy trained.

Their mission is simple, DogFit wants you to have a better life with your dog living it alongside you.

“I believe dogs should live in a world where we, the humans, create balance and harmony. That’s why I started DogFit Dallas. With a focus on behavioral training and dog psychology, we provide a community of support through each of our services, fulfilling your dog’s mental, emotional, and physical needs. We work with your dogs to correct unwanted behaviors while educating and empowering you, the owners, to be the leader your dogs need. As we begin to understand our dogs, we can be better humans FOR our dogs, and BECAUSE of our dogs,” Ortiz said.