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Tim Williams was beyond devastated when his best friend was killed by ‘affluenza teen’ Ethan Couch in a drunken crash. He and Brian Jennings had known each other since elementary school – each had been the best man at the other’s wedding and both had found their way into the church.

Williams had every reason to hate the 16-year-old who was three times over the legal blood/alcohol level when he mowed down Jennings and three others after a booze-filled evening at the house where his parents had left him to live alone.

But in an act of ultimate forgiveness, Williams, a chaplain in the court system in Fort Worth, Texas, decided instead to forgive and started visiting Couch weekly in prison. 

Now he is about to publish a book about his relationship with Couch with the teen he dubbed ‘one of the most hated men in America.’ has exclusively obtained a copy of that book, called Affluenza Forgiven. 

Couch, now 23, gained notoriety when an expert witness in his case said he suffered from ‘affluenza.’ Psychologist G. Dick Miller said his millionaire parents had never taught him right from wrong.

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