DFW Light Installations That Will Blow Your Mind And Light Up Your World

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t miss the Aurora Lights Festival every year, has hot-off-the-press tickets to the Chinese Lantern Festival, and purchases your Lights All Night tickets a year in advance, you probably already know where to go to get your light fascination fix.  However, most of the city doesn’t.  We tumble across wondrous colors and hues, or look up, and exclaim, “Do you see that?!” to each other in passing.

We may be the ones who see the Bank of America building and notice that it’s purple tonight.  Huh.  When did they get purple?  We may be the ones who notice the Reunion Ball changed to an image, like its hearts on Valentine’s Day or its stars and stripes on the Fourth of July. Then again, we may just be oblivious.

Dallas is full of gorgeous displays of light and wonder if you know where to look. This article covers the where and the when of Dallas light installations.

Art While You Shop

High-end retail has never been NorthPark Center’s main focus.  The complex series of buildings that make up this beautiful mall were crafted with aesthetic appeal in mind.  As such, NorthPark continues the tradition it was created for, showcasing art in all of its forms.  Quite a few of the art installations at this mall are wondrous LED light displays, such as Leo Villareal’s Diamond Sea or Ivan Navarro’s From Beginning to End.


Travel Lights


Cityplace/Uptown Station has a surface and tri-subterranean level.  On the surface, glowing lights that are sometimes one hue, other nights rainbows, surround the M-Line trolley stop off and pick up.  Surrounding buildings enhance the view with even more colorful delights for the onlooker’s vision, and a quick hop on the trolley can take you on a nighttime sightseeing tour of the Dallas’s Uptown.


LED While You Sleep

The Omni Hotel is known for its gorgeous building, LED displays of names and sayings, and rainbow hues of lights in motion.  While the exterior of the 23- story, 1001 room hotel serves as a canvas of lights to its engineers, who provide an eye-popping display for Dallas nearly every night.  While the rooftop terrace of the Omni is also known for its view, the building itself can bee seen in its full glory from the skybridge that connects it to the Dallas Convention Center.



Sometimes nature provides the best light show, and sometimes nature requires a bit of help.  From nearly every aspect of Trinity Groves, the Dallas skyline lights up the horizon, but in the forefront of this already impressive display, is the Margaret Hunt Hill Suspension Bridge.  Named after Margaret Hunt Hill, an American heiress and Dallas philanthropist, the bridge is the backdrop and icon that defines Trinity Groves.  Since Trinity Groves rests at the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, catching an impressive display of lighting and art while eating or shopping is easy.


Top of the World


There is no better light display than staring down at Dallas from Reunion Tower, which us Dallasites call “the Ball.”  The 561-foot tower has 259 custom LED light fixtures, and is the 15th tallest building in Dallas, and its slow rotation allows a patient person to see the whole city without ever moving.  Whether you are watching from the GeO-Deck or the Cloud 9 Cafe, both of which are on the observation level, or from Five Sixty, Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant on a separate level, the Ball is one of the best places to catch sight of all of the prettiest lights in Dallas.


Take a Walk

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The Shops at Legacy in Plano, Texas may be a bit farther than downtown, or even from downtown, but the festive, laid-back atmosphere is worth the gas. Romance exists in strings of lights across the streets, gorgeous colors bubbling through fountains and multiple restaurant patios that are lit with their own ambiance.  Pathways, the reflection pool, and wide sidewalks in front of the shops make for an easily enjoyable walk.  While The Shops may not be the traditional LED display or specified artistic endeavor, when the lights go on, they dazzle in a way that your eyes will appreciate.


Christmas Lights

While it’s not in season right now, Vitruvian Park is known for its beautiful Christmas lights.  Coming on display in October through the end of December, many people don’t realize that the Park has a lineup of events that continue throughout the year.  Though their brightest, most known display is for Christmas, the white lights they wrap around some of their trees in the fall evening are a draw for a peaceful walk, as well.


Catch Some Art With Your Game


Okay, so technically it’s not DFW, but it sure is worth the drive.  The AT&T Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium is a crowd draw regardless, but the world-class art, most of which was commissioned specifically for the stadium, is phenomenal. One of these pieces is Jim Campbell’s Exploded View (Cowboys) (2012-2013), which is located on the Hall of Fame Level, Entry A.  This custom, electronic LED work of art is a flickering, moving, eye-drawing form of light beauty.


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