DFW Kids Get Letters From Santa in Mail

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COPPELL, Texas — We all need a little help from our friends, including Santa.

“Dear Santa, I know you keep a big list of who is naughty and who is nice,” Santa Claus said reading one of the letters.  “I’m on the nice list because I’ve been really good this year. My room is really clean, and I almost always made my bed. I tried to do all my chores and did my homework before I played, watched TV, or went on the computer. You and all the elves are the best. Thanks for making all the kids around the world so happy for Christmas.”

Hundreds of letters have made their way into the North Texas Processing and Distribution Center and Santa's elves are making sure these girls and boys get a response straight from the North Pole.

“The post office helps out with some of Santa’s helpers, and we go through the mail and the helpers will send out little thank you letters to all the kids, letting them know we did get the letters,” Claus explained. “Even if the kids don’t get one of these thank yous, all of these letters, when we get through with them here will go to the North Pole and the elves will act on them.”

“I know I haven’t been the nicest all year long. I want to apologize,” Santa’s helper Linda Shelby read from a letter.

The Letters to Santa Program has been helping out the Clauses for 20-25 years now.

“The kids are very tech savvy now, though -- a lot of requests for iPads, phones,” Claus added.

But while technology changes, some things stay the same.

“There are three things I want, and it doesn’t even matter if you don’t get me any. P.S.  I will even be glad to have a letter back from you Santa,” Shelby smiled.

“A young lady sent a letter, didn’t ask a thing, just wanted to know how the reindeer and elves were doing and was just looking forward to my visit,” Claus said.

“This time of year, the children are so excited, and you can feel their excitement on wanting things, and wanting things for others. That’s what really gets next to you.  They’re not asking for very much for themselves.  They’re asking for their parents because they know that their parents have worked all year long,” said Shelby.

“The thing that stands out to me is the sincerity of the kids.  A lot of them don’t ask for anything. They seem to care for their family, their friends, and there’s a concern for the people around them, and that tells me some people are raising their kids properly,” Claus smiled.  “And that stands out to me. There’s not a lot of greed in these letters. There’s a lot of love and care.”

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