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DALLAS, Texas- If you’re looking for some rare finds, Dolly Python Vintage in Dallas just might have what you’re looking for!  But, in addition to their thrifty threads, this store has some of the oldest possessions that some folks at the store believe are…  possessed!

Yeah, you read that right!

From glass dolls to animals in glass jars – Leigh Kvetko says some of these recycled antiques date so far back that she doesn’t even know their true history.

“We have lots of different things coming in and out of here,” she explained. “There’s an emotional attachment to peoples belongings that are no longer here and some people are really attached to their belongings.”

So attached that people believe the dead is actually living through some of these items– causing some spooky paranormal activity to happen.

“Before I left I asked the girls to please re-size them put them back into order clean the shelves things like that,” Kvetko told Newsfix, as she pointed to a neat stack of boots.  “So when we came back into the store the next morning I was really looking forward to this but instead I got that.” Kvetko pointed to a pile of messy boots.

“I called the owner and I asked who had keys,  I asked who didn’t,  and it was nobody; and I don’t have an explanation for that.”

But, this unsolved boots mystery isn’t the only thing causing goosebumps! Several other staff members claim they’ve also had their fair share of scares.

“About right, here, I’m straightening the racks and what not,  and I hear a woman’s voice and it was almost like a sentence or two in my head and I turned around and I was like …what,” Jennifer Ray explained.

The store says it’s even hired a tarot card reader  and burn sage all in hopes of figuring out who or what’s behind these mysterious “un-welcomed” customers.

“It’s usually a women’s voice that they hear,” Kvetko said.

But, there’s still no answer as to who’s haunting the business.

“When it starts getting darker out sooner it’s really creepy in here,” Kvetko added.  “Sometimes we haul tail after we close just to get out because the feeling is just so overwhelming.”

Guess when it comes to shopping at Dolly … “one man’s trash is another man’s … haunted treasure.”

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