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WAXAHACHIE, TX — The Rogers Hotel in historic downtown Waxahachie has had some memorable guests in its century old existence. The likes of Frank Sinatra and the Chicago White Sox have walked these halls.

“Back in the early days, [the White Sox] did a lot of their spring training here. So they had a swimming pool specifically built in the basement.” said Michael Graves, a paranormal photographer.

But some guests are more memorable for other reasons.

“During the time that this pool was here a little girl drowned in it.” said Graves.

And that may have led to the hotel’s most famous encounter. The story goes that The owner of the hotel showed up one morning to find the maintenance man locked in his room trembling and scared.

The maintenance man said that there was a man who came up to him dressed in period clothing from the twenties. This man in period clothes asked the maintenance man to follow him and led him down to the basement.

Once arriving, the stranger pointed to where the pool used to be and said, “Very bad things have happened here.” At that moment he immediately disappeared into thin air.

Some patrons here also report door handles jiggling with no one on the other side, and an elevator that sometimes takes you to that infamous basement, no matter which floor you choose.

While at the Rogers hotel, paranormal photographer Michael Graves even snapped a few shots of what seem to be mysterious, ghostly orbs, and even our equipment may have gotten a touch of the paranormal!

While upstairs looking around all of a sudden the battery for the GoPro that we were using for a surveillance camera died even though It was supposed to have another hour or two on it at least.

We went to replace the battery with our fully charged spare, only to discover that it too was dead!

Some paranormal experts theorize that ghosts or spirits can drain the energy from batteries in order to manifest.

It’s your call if you believe that or not, but if that’s true but if it is, it might’ve happened to us at the Rogers Hotel.

So keep an eye out if you’re ever around the picturesque hotel, because it’s possible that some of the guests from years ago, still haven’t checked out!