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RED OAK, TX — Off the beaten path in Red Oak sits the Reindeer Manor Halloween Park where they’ve been scaring customers for longer than anyone else in the state.

“This is going to be our 43rd season. We’re the oldest haunted house in Texas, and we haven’t found evidence of any haunt in the country that’s older than this one,” said Alex Lohmann who along with his wife Jennifer, owns the Reindeer Manor.

But the history of Reindeer Manor goes back much further than that, and it’s a horrific one, thanks to its old owner James Sharp and his family.

“This house was built after the wood frame house here burnt down in 1910,” explained Alex. “At that point, they had just been leasing the property out to farmers and it ended up killing the family that was inside. So when he decided to build a bigger house he decided to put it here where the old burned down house was, but ended up committing suicide before it was finished, so his son Matt ended up taking over.”

But Matt’s story would come to an even more terrible end.

“He ended up poisoning his wife in the next room over there,” Alex pointed. “And then hung himself in the building that the 13th Street Morgue is inside of now.”

That horrifying history may have led to a haunting present. Stories of footsteps, overheard arguments when no one is there, and a pesky light in the attic that comes on by itself.

“It’s not that just the light comes on,” Jennifer said. “When we come in here, the switch is physically switched up.”

But the most intriguing paranormal sight is one that almost every long time worker at Reindeer Manor has seen: A ghostly shadow of a man who walks the old hay barn where Matt Sharp hung himself.

“Our son saw him this last Christmas,” Alex recounted. “We came home from a Christmas party in December, and he was telling me, ‘Dad I just saw a man.’ I said, ‘Well son describe him to me’. He goes, ‘Well it was just like he was all black, but I could see him really, really clearly.’ And I said, ‘Well, what did his face look like?’ And he goes, ‘Oh dad… this man didn’t have a face.’”

Hey, if that’s not creepy enough for you, our own camera picked up a mysterious tapping noise in the haunted attic, long after everyone had left the building.

So, the question of whether this Haunted House is actually haunted is one you can only answer yourself.

But be aware, if you take a trip to the Reindeer Manor this Halloween season… masked characters may not be the only creepy things walking through the halls.