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FORT WORTH — Call it an emergency puppy transplant. Early Thursday morning, more than 100 Texas rescue pets will be flown from Fort Worth uto Seattle by Wings of Rescue in the FreeKibble Flight to Freedom. Why? Because while our animal shelters are overpacked, up Northwest there aren’t enough pets to go around.

“There are other places in the Pacific Northwest where the shelters are empty. They’re laying people off because they don’t have enough pets to take care of,” said Ric Browde with Wings of Rescue. “So the average length of stay for a pet transported by Wings of Rescue and FreeKibble is 3 and a half days in their receiving shelters before they’re adopted.”

So it’s good that pups like Shimmer and Josie can find new homes up north. But it points to a big problem we have down here.

“The numbers are outstanding. The euthanasia rates in Texas are just astronomical,” Robyn Linn, President of SAFE in Texas Rescue, said. “There’s shelters down on the border where they’re euthanizing 70-80 dogs a day.”

And while our problem might be Seattle’s gain, it’s one we need to tackle.

“We need the public to realize that the shelters are overflowing with highly adoptable pets and people need to spay and neuter their pets so we can go out of business, which is our ultimate goal,” Browde said.

You heard the man. Let’s help clear out our shelters and solve our pet population problem. Because while it’s great that Seattle is offering them a home, you better believe these Texan dogs are going to miss their barbecue!