Development Plan Approved for Fort Worth Stockyards

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Fort Worth, TX—Folks come trotting from all over to see the twice daily cattle drives at the Stockyards in Fort Worth.

“We’re from Canada,” said visitor, Coleen Cave.

It’s almost like stepping back into time.

“Look at how beautiful all the old buildings are,” visitor Dayton Cave mentioned.  “You’ve got the cows going through the street; you can’t beat that.”

But could all of that change?  The Fort Worth City Council approved a multi-million dollar plan Tuesday for a development project at the stockyards.

“In the stockyards? I wouldn’t put big stores here,” Coleen said.

Some are asking—could that mean big box stores are on the way? The Fort Worth Stockyards Heritage plan is making way for commercial and residential additions in the historic district. Not everyone is on the saddle about it, however.

“It’s historical,” said Dayton.  “You’ve got to keep it. You’ve got to keep it the way it is.”  “It’s pretty historical the way that it is now,” tourist Colton Cave added.  “It’s pretty cool.”

On the other hand, some local businesses say they’re raring to go.

“Riscky’s steak house [has] the oldest operating restaurant in Tarrant County; we’ve been open since the 1800’s,” said General Manager Chad Mayfield.  “It’s very exciting.  There are fears that it will tarnish the authentic part of the stockyards.  Of course, we welcome the business…All of the new developments will be great, as long as it’s done right.”

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, the council is galloping forward with this plan.


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