Deputy Uses Social Media to get his Message About Cops Out

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FORT WORTH -- You can add the Fort Worth Police Department to the list of cops that are pairing up officers to make calls. It's just another on a growing list of departments making that call after a San Antonio officer was ambushed and killed Sunday. The Dallas Police Department says they will allow cops to voluntarily pair up to go out on the streets and patrol.

But Deputy Constable Bryan Woodard in Dallas County tells NewsFix pairing up is not about fearing an ambush. “We always have to watch our six, we have to watch our back. You can’t get slacked up. You have to continue to not do the same routine over and over again," said Deputy Woodard.

Woodard says the media’s sending mixed messages about officers being the bad guys. So He’s taking matters into his own hands and grabbing kids while they're young so they don’t fear police later. “If anybody comes up to me like they do all the time, ‘hey Deputy Woodard, how you doing?’ All I am going to do is give you a hug and say hello," he said.

He says teachers are now requesting him to come to class to teach kids what police are really like. The deputy would rather show love to kids now than to have to fight hate on the streets later. Woodard says, “I refuse to see hate live, while love dies. Let love live.”

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