Denton man has spent the past 17 years fighting to get Confederate statue moved

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DENTON — If you’re just now joining in on this whole Confederate monument conversation, then you really haven’t fought half the battle Willie Hudspeth has. For 17 years, he’s gone to war over a Confederate soldier memorial that stands outside the Denton County courthouse.

“Since 1999, I’ve been down there talking to the commissioners court about removing that statue,” Willie explained.

Despite the statue’s long history, Willie has reasons he wants it gone, mainly because it reminds him of segregation and racism.

“I started doing some research on it to find out what it was all about and discovered it was very offensive to me,” he added.

So he spent the first four years convincing the county commissioners to get rid of it. They initially agreed to move it to a museum but those plans fell through when all of the commissioners were replaced.

That eventually landed Willie back at square one.

“They ignored all of the written agreements that I had made with the former group,” he said.

We’ve all seen how crazy things got in Charlottesville. Willie has also encountered a few crazy incidents from the residents opposed to removing the memorial.

“He had his AK- 47, acting as though he was going to shoot me,” he added.

Like they say, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything and Willie doesn’t plan to back down anytime soon.

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