Denton County Sheriff’s Office Educates Boaters with Project Safe Lake

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DENTON COUNTY — Looking forward to making a splash this weekend? The conditions should be right, and the Denton County Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure you don’t do anything… well… stupid.

“Priority number one is everyone who comes to the lake goes home safe,” said DCSO Sgt. Andy Steele. “Second, we want to make sure everyone’s educated about what they need to have on their boat: safety equipment, life jackets, fire extinguishers.”

The Sheriff’s Office is continuing Project Safe Lake, an effort to keep the action on the water uneventful and enjoyable.

“There are no brakes on a boat. There are no marked lanes of traffic. There are no speed limits on the water,” Sgt. Steele said. “I think it’s more difficult to operate a boat than it is to operate a motor vehicle, and when you introduce alcohol into that situation the results can be devastating.”

In other words, if your current condition is comparable to Frank the Tank in the movie Old School, chances are it won’t end well.

“If you are not capable of operating your boat,” Sgt. Steele said, “We would love you to call so that we can assist you or we can find somebody to assist you rather than you taking that chance of operating your boat under the influence and hurting yourself or someone else.”

They don’t want to take you off the water any more than you want it to happen, so play it safe. It’ll be a lot better for everyone.

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