Deer-livery: Domino’s Set to Deliver Pizza by Reindeer

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JAPAN - When it comes to delivering pizza, Domino's has tried pretty much everything, using every technology from robots to drones. Now the company is looking to use a method that`s worked for Jolly Old Saint Nick for generations: reindeer.

No, this isn't the eggnog talking. Domino’s Japan is currently training reindeer that will pull sleds of pizza around the country during snowy weather. The idea is that the reindeer will be able to get around easier than workers on bicycles.

We can only hope that Japan’s venture with reindeer turns out better than their holiday idea for fish. A Japanese theme park is now skating on thin ice after freezing 5,000 fish into a skating rink.

The park was forced to close the attraction after public backlash even though the fish were already dead when they were frozen. They now plan to remove the fish from the skating rink and hold a religious service for them.

Hopefully, for their sake, that'll be enough to get them off the public`s naughty list.

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