Killer Prank Punks ‘Walking Dead’ Fans on Facebook

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ROWLETT, TX — It’s one of those headlines that just catches your eye. C’mon, how many of you have seen the post circulating on your Facebook feed? The post reads: “The Walking Dead Season 7 to be filmed in Rowlett, Texas.”

Whoa! A dream come true for “walker stalkers.” That’s until you click on the link to get all the gory details, then you discover the truth: you’ve been punked!

Sorry, dead-heads, but the post is just a prank. A genius prank, but a prank nonetheless.

Well, you can thank the guys over at, that’s news with a “z,” for this killer hoax. Yeah, the site even boasts how many peeps were trolled. Now, that’s scary.

What’s more, the site even encourages users to create their own pranks.

Hey now, just don’t get any crazy ideas.

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