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Dead Dogs Dumped in Dallas: Local Man Films New Documentary

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**WARNING: For some of you, the video might be hard to watch**

DALLAS — Tuesday was a routine day for Jeremy Boss and his documentary crew, hitting Dowdy Ferry searching for dumped animals along the city road.

“After you see months of posts of dead dogs being dumped in one little area, it shows extreme problems. I couldn’t look at it anymore. I had to go and do something,” Boss said.  “Nobody was caught, nobody was prosecuted. It wasn’t even being investigated.  So, I hired a film crew and decided to do a documentary about it.”

Some of these animals, mainly dogs, are still living when they’re thrown out a car window.

“[Marina Tarashevska, who is also searching] found dogs barely alive in bags, barely moving. She’s found one. Opened the bag, literally she thought it was dead, and she saw it’s stomach move.”

Others aren’t so fortunate.

“It’s just hair and bones,” Boss said while opening a bag on the side of Dowdy Ferry.

And it’s not just the fact that these animals are being dumped, it’s what’s happened to them before hand.

“As a human with compassion, it hurts. As a human with logic, it hurts,” Boss said. “Why would you take the effort to take an animal, bag it, and instead of dispose of it properly and call 311, put it in your car and drive somewhere and dump it? The only reason I can think of is guilt.”

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