Dead Dogs Being Dumped in Southeast Dallas

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DALLAS — There’s some dirty business going on in Dallas.  Apparently, people have been dumping dogs in areas around southeast Dallas.  Some are dead, others are still alive.

Councilman Scott Griggs says Animal Services is strapped.

“This is a problem that needs boots on the ground. We’ve only got seven people for the whole city,” Griggs explained. “They have to do the work of 10, 20, 30, 40 people, and there’s only seven of them. So, that’s why it’s so important to get boots on the ground, and not have so many people back at headquarters managing them.”

Monday, the City Council met to see what could be done about a number of target areas, with some places getting as much as nearly 40% of high priority service calls.

Charlie Howell made one of those calls. He was walking his dog when a stray dog attacked them.

“He went straight for my dog. I got bit on the face. Bills are still coming in, but it’s probably going to be about $1,500 out of pocket. I’ve spent at least 40 hours in the emergency room doing follow up trying to get the bills paid. It’s taken a chunk of time I didn’t plan to spend,” Howell said.

Pet owners in the area are outraged. Kenneth Booth showed a picture of his three-year-old dog, “I hadn’t seen one today. People dump dogs and stuff up and down through here. Dead ones, live ones — it’s a mess. All up and down Dowdy Ferry. Come down through there at night; you’ll see a bunch of dogs.”

“It’s unfortunate that District 1 was left out,” Griggs said. “That’s one of my concerns because we have a loose and stray dog problem in my area of Oak Cliff and now 2/7ths of the resources will be dedicated to postage stamp areas far away.”

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