More signs, flowers, and support, but still no Sherin Mathews

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RICHARDSON, Tx. – For 11 days, people have been searching, praying, and showing their support for three-year-old Sherin Mathews. She’s been missing from Richardson since October 7.

Police say her father, Wesley, told them he punished Sherin for not finishing her milk and had her stand by a tree outside their fence at three in the morning.

He says 15 minutes later, she was gone; but the community hasn`t forgotten and new signs appear daily – just like they did a few years ago when 23-year-old Christina Morris went missing in Plano.

“The sign from last night,” says Jennifer, who asked we not use her real name, “I personally think that it`s great. People should be able to express how they`re feeling and the frustration because all this just does make sense.” She runs one of the Facebook pages dedicated to finding Sherin. “It`s a little overwhelming, so many mixed emotions to be honest, so much concern in so many areas.”

She says two direct messages from members of the Mathews church, Emmanuel Bible Chapel, had very different messages.

“I`m unable to reveal details of that conversation,” says Jennifer, “but it was pretty clear that basically, what`s done is done we need to focus on ‘this,’ which doesn`t really make sense to me.”

And the other:

“There are friends of the family that are trying to encourage them to come out and tell the truth.”

For Jennifer, this hits home.

“I`m a huge sex trafficking and child abuser advocate; I was abused myself when I was younger and this case really drew me to it because she was an orphan and was adopted, and I feel like she was victimized twice.”

Police continue to post on Facebook – and they will ’til we know what happened to little Sherin.

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