Cyber Buddy: Study Says Computer Knows You Better Than Your Spouse

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Ever feel like no one really understands you?

Well, what if we told you a computer knows you better than your best friend or even your momma?

Don’t believe us?

Well, according to a joint study by Cambridge and Stanford University, all it takes is a few thumbs up on Facebook for a computer to zero in what makes you tick!

Get this: The computer only needed 10 Likes on a Facebook page to figure out more personality traits than a co-worker could.

With only 70 Likes— the computer was more accurate than a bestie or roomie.

150 Likes outperformed a parent or sibling, and it only took 300 Likes before the computer was more spot-on than a spouse.

Researchers are calling the results an “important milestone.”

They also say at this rate, we’re on a technological path to more social interactions between humans and robots!

Hmmm… maybe George Jetson was right.


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