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WARNING: Some viewers may find this video disturbing

DENTON — We’re getting a new look at Ryan McMillan, the University of North Texas student who was shot to death by a UNT police officer early Sunday morning — on his 21st birthday.

It comes from police dash cam video of the incident. Warning, it is graphic and we’re not even going to show you the worst of it.

Less than a second into the video, you can see an axe in McMillan’s right hand. And soon, he’s face-to-face with the cop.

Several times, the cop repeats, “Back away!”

And McMillan says, “Shoot me.”

The video changes to another angle, from a different cop car. In the lower right, you see UNT Corporal Stephen Bean backing away with the gun pointed at McMillan, who keeps walking toward the officer.

In the final exchange, you hear, “Back away” and “Shoot” one last time before three shots are fired. Then you hear Cpl. Bean radioing in.

“I’ve got a white man down with an axe in his hand, Fry & Oak.”

The Texas Rangers are waiting for toxicology reports in hopes they’ll provide answers about why this deadly encounter happened.