DART Rail Comes to DFW Airport

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DFW Airport–Let’s face it.  Airline parking can be a nightmare.  There are the long walks, crowded shuttles, and not to mention steep parking fees. All that could be ‘darting’ away soon.  Starting in August, DART light rail is giving you curb side service to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.  NewsFix was along for the ride.

“If you go to Europe or if you go to Asia, it’s pretty common to get off your plane and get onto public transportation,” Gary C. Thomas, President/Executive Director of DART said.  “The United States, we’ve been a little slow to adopt that. [It’s been] a long time coming.”

We’re talking 20 years or so. DFW is joining an elite club when it comes to transporting folks by train. There’s only seventeen airports with this type of transit in The World, and just a handful in the U.S.

“In the United States, there’s only two others.  There is Atlanta and Chicago, and we’re the third. Cost effective, convenient, predictable, and today they’re going to get it,” DFW Airport Executive Vice President of Operations Jim Crites said. “As you can tell, I’m giddy, I’m excited.”

Instead of $20.00 a day for parking, how about $2.50 for a ride on this baby?  Passengers seem pretty psyched.

“I don’t have to pay parking, and we don’t have to pay toll fees, and we don’t have to pay gas, so we’re really looking forward to it,” traveler John Moser said.

“Sounds like it’s a great idea for Dallas,” passenger Mike Sanders added.  “I see the construction out there.  Sounds like you’re moving toward convenience for the traveler.”

Even folks downtown liked the idea.

“I would take it if I had to go there,” Katie Moss said.  “If I was going to the airport, I’d definitely consider it.”

In the meantime, DFW and DART are putting the final touches on the Orange Line.  Hey! Looks like this concept is going to ‘take off.’

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