DART-ing Around: City Bus Spotted in Belize & Other Lone Star Cities

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BELIZE CITY, BELIZE-Do you sell your stuff on EBay and Amazon? We’re talking about that vintage Spiderman action figure your wife is making you sell.

Well, that’s basically what’s happening with some of DART’s buses.

A DART bus spotted in the tropical gardens of Belize, in Central America

One Twitter user even asked if this bus took a wrong turn after spotting DART in Lubbock!

Not too long ago, this bus was rolling the highways and byways of North Texas, but is now all over the Lone Star State as the official office of The Coolest Stuff in Texas.

So how are people getting their hands on these DART buses?

Simple, DART says they auction off older model buses in order to make room for their new fleet and while all these DART spottings are pretty cool, sometimes you never know who you’re selling to.

Remember that armored vehicle James Boulware bought online and used to shoot up Dallas Police headquarters last summer?

More recently, a Houston-area plumber’s old truck ended up in the hands of ISIS in Syria.

We’re not saying that will happen to DART, but it goes to show, sometimes a vehicle’s second chance at life can take a wrong turn.

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