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It’s gonna cost you a little more to DART around town starting Saturday.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit is raising the single bus ride to $2.50.

Day passes are going up to $6 locally and to $12 for the regional day pass.

Other fares are going up, too, but some changes could help some riders.

For instance, the two-hour passes are being replaced by AM and PM Passes.  If you buy one $3 pass before noon, you can ride as much as you want until noon.  If you buy it after 12:00 PM, the pass is good until the end of the day.

The midday pass, good from 9:30 AM until 2:30 PM, will cost $2, and will now be available seven days a week.

Senior citizens will still get reduced fares.  So will children aged 5-14, Medicare card holders and participants in the Lone Star card program.

High school students with local student IDs will still get reduced fares and those will now be valid seven days a week.

Weekly passes will no longer be available and monthly passes will cost $96 for local service and $192 for a regional pass.

The local annual pass will cost $960 and the regional pass will cost $1,920.

Here’s DART’s full list of restructured fares, effective Saturday, August 18, 2018.