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SOUTH OAK CLIFF, TX — “I never thought I would get woken up out of my sleep to hear my son is dead,” Laquetta Russell, Kentron Haskin’s Mother, said.

There is no explaining the pain three families are going through after a horrific crash took their sons’ lives Sunday night on Bonnie View Road.

“I just keep waiting on him to come through the garage,” Walter Copeland, Trey Woodberry’s father said.

“I just don’t understand Lord.  I know you don’t make no mistakes,” Lashelle Price, Desedric Johnson’s mother said.

“They grew up together all the way from elementary and I loved them very much and I still do,” Laquetta Russell explains.

Three very talented football players from Kimball High who were impossible to separate.

“They were like the three musketeers,” Copeland said.

“I moved like three times, but everywhere I moved they were always there,” Russell explains.

“They wouldn’t be able to live without each other.  They were like each other’s shadow,” Price said.

Freshman Trey Woodberry was well-mannered and everybody’s friend.

“Liked by everybody. If anybody met Trey they liked Trey,” Copeland said.

“There is not one day out of the 15 years I can remember him being angry,” Charlotta Woodberry-Burne’y, Trey’s aunt said.

“Trey was a very good kid.  And not only Trey, but the other two of his friends.  They were good kids,” Earnestine Harrison, Trey’s Grandmother explains.

Sophomore Desedric Johnson was the prankster.

“It was never boring.  He pick on everyone else by the time he walked through the door,” Price said.

“Class Clown.  He kept us laughing,” Coach Carlton Nelson said.

Accord to Desedric’s grandmother, he also kept his family strong after his dad died. “He would always ask you are you ok and every things going to be alright.”

Freshman Kentron Haskin already had scouts coming out to watch him play.

“Yea he was that good, ” Laquetta Russell explains laughing.

“He was really fast — scored a touchdown in his first game,” Coach Nelson said.

He too stepped up at home because his mom worked long hours.

“So when I wasn’t here that’s who was here,” Laquetta Russell explains.  “Other than him being at practice.”

Saturday night the Kimball football family will honor the three fallen players.

“Not just that game, but the whole season,” Coach Nelson said.  “They too big in the program just to do one game for them, just one time.  We`re not going to forget them.”

The families can’t believe on how the community has come together for them.

“I didn’t know that he had so many friends,” Laquetta Russell said.  “He was well-known and well liked.”

“When I’ve seen the amount of people out supporting him,” Charlotta Woodberry-Burne’y said.  “I mean from Facebook to Instagram.  I mean, we have so much love.”

Three young men who did everything together.  In life and death.

Together One Last Time: Trey, Sed & Ken Laid to Rest