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FORT WORTH — They’re some of the most happening spots in Fort Worth; and lately it happens to be the scene for a growing number of hit and run accidents.

The Stockyards, and the busy area around Sun Dance Square, have been keeping cops busy responding to collisions.

Yeah, cars running into cars…

“I saw someone run a stop sign and I thought that was pretty dangerous… she was lucky I didn’t hit her!” said one driver.

What’s even worse? Cars running into people …

“I almost got hit by a driver not too long ago, last week and he ran a red light”, said a pedestrian.

So far, nothing fatal, but word on these streets has left some folks looking both ways and taking extra precautions.

“I don’t think there is any substitute for being aware of your surroundings and keeping your head on swivel”, said a cyclist.

But there was that deadly hit and run that killed Timothy Campbell back in August.

The 59 year old was dragged by a driver before he and his motor scooter were left on the highway.

So next time you’re heading out … just remember to use your street smarts.