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DALLAS — Meet Reuben Asberry Jr., AKA Kennedy Davenport, “The Dancing Diva of Dallas.”

Yeah, Asberry’s made quite a name for himself in the drag community. Not only in live performances but also competing on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and America’s Got Talent.

“Our job as entertainers is to lift people up,” Asberry told NewsFix.

But times have been hard for this diva since the death of Reuben Sr. back in 2013.

“He was a struggling artist himself, so that was kind of like our bond,” recalled Reuben Jr.

He also recalled the importance his father placed on the family home, “If nothing else, at least y’all have the house if anything was to happen.”

But because Reuben Sr. didn’t have a will when he passed, it’s been a struggle to transfer ownership of the house.  And now, Reuben Jr. has to make a $33,000 “balloon payment” to keep it from going into foreclosure.

“And that’s all on a drag salary,” Asberry said. “So anytime, they can just put the note on the door, and you can’t take nothin’ out the house.”

Enter: the internet.  A GoFundMe page is nearly halfway funded — just nine days into the 45-day campaign.

“I’m speechless,” said Asberry. “That right there is what moves me.”

He says if he’s able to make the payment, he plans to finish renovating the house, a project his father started.

“It means the world to me to be able to pass on something that he worked so hard for,” he said of the home. “And that’s here.”