Damn, This Traffic Jam: Report Says DFW Drivers Have it Good!

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DALLAS--Did you get caught in a traffic mess today?

Seems like getting around North Texas is always a challenge.

Would you believe, drivers in DFW actually have it good?

Hey, we're just the messengers here.

The study comes the folks at TomTom, the GPS company.

It ranks DFW at number 32 in the U.S. when it comes to congestion.

Folks in L.A. apparently have the worst traffic in the U.S. Remember "Carmageddon?"

San Francisco and New York are numbers 2 and 3.

If you count the whole world, we're only number 124!

If you wanna get somewhere in a hurry, there are some places you really want to avoid.

Number one: Istanbul, Turkey.

Number 2: Lodz,.Poland.

And number 3: Mexico City.

So yeah, it could be worse. but it's sure hard to believe it when you just wanna get home.

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