Damaging Winds Down Trees, Fences in Northwest Dallas

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DALLAS, TX -- It was a rough weekend for many across North Texas.

Severe storms moved through the area early Sunday morning, bringing with them some damaging winds.

“2:37 in the morning; I was laying there, listening to the rain, it was raining real hard. Then, all of a sudden, I heard this big rush ; and then, the house shook," Dallas resident Fendol Childs explained.

"The electricity went off and I went out and looked in the front yard; the big limb had broken off and closed off the front end of the house.”

Childs wasn't the only resident affected by the storm in his northwest Dallas community.

"We just heard a lot of; the house was just shaking," Reginald Villavicencio said. "We heard a real big bang. We didn’t actually come out until like 8 this morning when we saw all this.”

What Villavicencio saw was his fence, toppled and splintered; but that was just the half of it.

"This trailer is 3,500-pounds, and this, what I’m assuming was that big noise, was 15-feet back; it just scooted into this Dually here. This Dually is about 8,000 pounds and it just shoved it over.”

To say the storm and its straight-line winds created a mess, would be an understatement.

Back at the Childs home, cleanup was well underway Sunday afternoon. The sound of chainsaws filled the streets, as crews worked to clear the massive, downed tree.

“The tree was 120-foot, about 130-inches around the base; biggest oak tree in Spartan Club Estates,” Childs explained.

In spite of the damage their properties sustained, both Childs and Villavicencio say they're fortunate it wasn't worse.

“I went back and laid down to sleep and said the good Lord took care of us, we didn’t get hurt, bless him," Childs said. "We’re just thankful everything is okay.”

“Thank God no one was hurt; I’m just real happy no one was hurt and everyone is okay,” Villavicencio said.

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