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DALLAS (KDAF) — We humans go to the zoo to see animals do what they do – run, crawl, swing around. Here at the Dallas Zoo, they’ve got a new exhibit giving us the chance to play like an animal – in their new Rainforest Adventure.

“It’s a 2,000 square foot interactive maze that tells you all about the rainforest,” Kari Strieber with the Dallas Zoo said. “As you navigate through, there are trivia questions helping you understand how important the rainforest is. It’ll take you all the way from the top of the rainforest to the forest floor. You enter at the very top of the rainforest. You learn about the different animals, learn about the plant growth. And how important that layer of the rainforest is. As you move through the maze, you’re going through the layers.”

Using the interactive maze, zoo attendees can learn about how rainforests function.

“While we may live far away, it’s important to make sure they understand how important it is, what role it serves in products that you see. Medicine, food and other products in our household every day. This is to help kids understand and experience for the first time and why it’s important to take care of the earth.”

Throughout the maze are trivia questions on rainforest fun facts that help guide attendees through.

“When you answer incorrectly, you come to a dead-end that teaches you why that was the incorrect answer,” Streiber said.

For example: Though tropical rainforests can get up to 12 hours a day of sunlight, how much of that sunlight makes it through to the forest floor?

“Only 2% of that light ever reaches the forest floor,” Streiber tells us. “That’s a question you get asked, choose how much it is you think goes through and you learn why that’s important. And how different the environment is from the tip top of the canopy where they’re getting 12 hours of sun a day while the environment on the floor where those animals and plants are living in a very different environment from those at the top.”

The Rainforest Adventure Exhibit at The Dallas Zoo will be open through the month of June.